Black Snow “Battle for Earth” is a free-to-play mobile game set in a sci-fi world with play and earn elements that use immersive AR technology. In this game, players can engage in epic battles against alien invaders using space fleets and powerful weapons, while also participating in a semi-open economy where they can own, trade, and sell resources and assets. The game aims to reinvent the way we think about AR games, and offers players the option to either play for free or join the GameFi world to earn valuable assets and increase their income. Black Snow: Battle for Earth also features a player-owned economy where players can use stablecoin to create a sustainable economic system.

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Ready to dive into the exciting world of GamFi and make the most of your Black Snow: Battle for Earth experience? Look no further! Our semi-open economy allows you to acquire tokenized resources and NFT assets to use and interact with as you explore, create, modify, and influence the game economy.

To get started, just follow these three simple steps:
- Login via social networks (wallets will be generated automatically and connected to your account);
- Purchase a pass.
- Gain access to premium content such as tokenized weapons in NFT format and tokenized premium resources in fungible tokens.

As you play the regular PvE mode with a pass, you'll receive premium tokenized resources and blueprints that you can use to create seasonal weapons and mint them as NFTs. You can then sell these premium resources and NFT weapons on the marketplace. Don't miss out on the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in GamFi - start your journey today!


1. Unique AR gameplay

Total cinematic AR experience, which starts from "Free map exploration". You see, listen, and feel like you are simultaneously in the game and in the real world. Battles happen in real time at your physical location - AR shooter with tactics elements. The enemies are bionic alien creatures who have come to the Earth to conquer it.

2. Zero-friction experience

Our game creates a gaming experience that requires no extra effort or clicks on the part of the player. AR scenarios run automatically without pre-calibration by clicking on the geo-base scenario. The interaction with the blockchain is designed to match the experience of traditional gamers.

3. Earn

By purchasing a battle pass, players gain access to web3 content, which includes limited seasonal assets, tokenized resources, entry fee PvP mode, and various events that will reward battle pass holders. In order to create a more stable earning model for players, we created a model where the player does not need to buy expensive NFTs to start earning tokens - instead, our model uses a stablecoin


Experience the ultimate in large scale augmented reality (AR) with Black Snow: Battle for Earth! Our next-generation AR technology combines with GEO to create a single, immersive view that feels like a real battle taking place in your actual location.

But that's not all - we've also incorporated a zero friction UX and seamlessly merged FPS and RTS mechanics for an effortless gaming experience that's instantly available on a wide range of phones with optimized battery consumption.

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You will manage your units to clear invaders' spots to free the earth from aliens. Your unit composition matters because many different weapons are needed situationally, depending on game circumstances. Also, there are different Mech classes and various fleet types based on which you will build their set-up for the game.

Get ready to take on the alien threat and save the planet in Black Snow: Battle for Earth!



JAN-FEB 2023 01

Demo Creation, Website redesign


MAR-APR 2023 02

UI/UX design; Addition web3 part


MAY-JUN 2023 03

Initial testing; Prototype refining


JUL-AUG 2023 04

Demo event launch on TESTNET


SEP-OCT 2023 05

Gameplay expanding; Marketing


NOV-DEC 2023 06

Soft Launch; Future game expantions releases



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