Explore the real world
map in AR mode

The most common type of battles are skirmishes (PVE). You can find them wherever you are on the map. They come in easy, medium and hard difficulty. You can find more skirmishes by either roaming, waiting for them to replenish, or using currency to regenerate skirmishes. When you win skirmishes you get points, currency and cards, but mostly common cards.


Fight battles to get cards
and conquer territory

You can fight arena battles (PVP). You get more points from arena battles than from skirmishes, and you have a chance of getting some unique cards available only in PVP.

Fight PVP battles to advance your rank faster. Conquer outposts to get cards faster so as to advance your ships, weapons and perks.


Use received cards to upgrade
your fleet

Game cards provide new weapons, enhance existing weapons, provide new ships, enhance existing ships, provide new perks, provide new defenses and enhance existing defenses.You can battle to control outposts. Outposts mine cards. When you conquer an outpost you put currency into it and after a period of time it will generate cards. There are three types of outposts that generate three different classes of cards (ships, weapons, perks).



The game loop is simple: battle, get points and cards, configure your fleet using your cards, repeat.